Superlatives of India

Superlatives of India

The largest delta Sundarbans

The state with maximum forest area Madhya Pradesh

The highest gateway buland darwaza, fatehpur sikri (uttar pradesh)

The longest river Ganga

The largest museum Indian Museum (Kolkata)

The tallest statue Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (statue of unity)

The largest public sector bank State Bank Of India

The biggest cantilever bridge Rabindranath setu or howrah bridge (kolkata)

The longest canal Indira Gandhi Canal (Rajasthan)

The longest railway platform Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)

The longest railway Tunnel Pir Panjal Tunnel (Jammu And Kashmir)

The biggest stadium Motera Stadium

The most populous city Mumbai

The largest sea bridge Bandra–Worli Sea Link / Rajiv Gandhi sea link (mumbai)

The longest travel passenger train Vivek express (Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari)

The state with longest coastline Gujarat

The highest Lake Tso Lhamo Lake (Sikkim)

The longest saline water lake Chilika Lake (Odisha)

The largest saline water lake Sambhar Lake (Rajasthan)

The largest freshwater lake Wular Lake

The longest freshwater lake Vembanad Lake (Kerala)

The longest river in South India Godavari

The longest dam Hirakud dam (Odisha) on Mahanadi river

The highest gallantry award Param Vir Chakra

The highest award Bharat Ratna

The southern Indian state with longest coastline Andhra Pradesh

The longest sea beach Marina Beach 

The highest road Khardung La (Leh To Manali)

Largest man made lake Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar (uttar pradesh)

The deepest river valley Bhagirathi And Alaknanda

The largest river without delta Narmada 

The highest battlefield and the largest glacier Siachen Glacier

The biggest river island Majuli On Brahmaputra River (Assam)

The longest bridge Bhupen Hazarika (Dhola Sadiya) Bridge

The largest lake Wular the highest dam Tehri Dam On Bhagirathi River

Longest road rail bridge Bogibeel (Assam)

Longest rail bridge Vallarpadam Rail Bridge

State with highest number of highways Uttar Pradesh

State with largest road network Maharashtra

State with largest road density Kerala

Longest border sharing state West Bengal with Bangladesh

State with the maximum number of international borders Arunachal Pradesh (3) west bengal (3) Sikkim (3)

State with the maximum number of neighbouring states Uttar Pradesh (8states)

Largest state Rajasthan

State with highest population Uttar Pradesh

Highest population density state Bihar highest literacy rate Kerala

Highest sex ratio Kerala

Highest population growth rate state Meghalaya

Most urbanized state Goa

Smallest state Goa

Lowest population density state Arunachal Pradesh

Longest corridor corridor of ramanathaswamy temple Tamilnadu

Largest mosque jama masjid delhi

Largest temple Sir Ranganath Swamy Temple Tamilnadu

Largest cave temple Kailash Temple (Ellora, Maharashtra)

Deepest river Brahmaputra

Largest barrage Farakka Barrage

Longest west flowing river Narmada

state with maximum percentage of forest are Mizoram

Tallest mountain peak Kanchenjunga

Highest waterfall  Kunchikal Falls Karnataka

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