Sources of Indian Constitution

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Sources of Indian Constitution

Many provisions in the constitution are derived from the constitutions of various other countries as well as the government of India act 1935. Some of them are listed below.

SourceFeatures borrowed
Government of India act 1935Federal scheme, office of governor, judiciary, public service commissions, emergency provisions and administrative details.
British constitutionParliamentary government, rule of law, legislative procedure, single citizenship, cabinet system, prerogative writs, parliamentary privileges and bicameralism.
US constitutionFundamental Rights, independence of judiciary, judicial review, impeachment of the president, removal of supreme court and high court judges and post of vice President.
Canadian constitutionFederation with strong centre, vesting of residuary powers in the centre, appointment of the state government by the centre, and advisory jurisdiction of the supreme court.
Australian constitutionConcurrent list, freedom of trade, commerce and inter course, and joint sitting of two houses in parliament.
Germany (Weimar constitution)Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency.
Russian ConstitutionFundamental duties and the ideal of justice in the preamble.
French constitutionRepublic and the ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity in the preamble.
South African constitutionProcedure for amendment of the constitution and election of members of rajya sabha
Japanese constitutionProcedure established by law.
Irish constitutionDirective Principles Of State Policy, nomination of members to rajya sabha and method of election of President.
Sources of Indian Constitution

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