Simple Present Tense

We use the Simple Present Tense to talk about things in general. We are not thinking only about now. We use it to describe habits, unchanging situations, general truths, and fixed arrangements.


  • For habits
    He drinks tea at breakfast.
    She only eats fish.
    They watch television regularly.
  • For repeated actions or events
    We catch the bus every morning.
    It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
    They drive to Monaco every summer.
  • For general truths
    Water freezes at zero degrees.
    The Earth revolves around the Sun.
    Her mother is Peruvian.
  • For instructions or directions
    Open the packet and pour the contents into hot water.
    You take the No.6 bus to Watney and then the No.10 to Bedford.
  • For fixed arrangements
    His mother arrives tomorrow.
    Our holiday starts on the 26th March
  • With future constructions
    She’ll see you before she leaves.
    We’ll give it to her when she arrives.

Simple Present Tense Form

I/we/you/they drive/work/do etc.

He/she/it drives/works/does etc.

Remember that we say: he/she/it -s. Don’t forget the s:

I work … But He works….

They teach… but my sister teaches…

We use do/does to make questions and negative sentences:


Forming the simple present tense: to think

I thinkDo I think?I do not think
You thinkDo you think?You do not think
He thinksDoes he think?He does not think
She thinksDoes she think?She does not think
It thinksDoes it think?It does not think
We thinkDo we think?We do not think.
They thinkDo they think?They do not think.

I come from canada. where do you come from?

‘would you like a cigarette?’ ‘No, thanks. I don’t smoke.’

What does this word mean? (not ‘what means this word?’)

Rice doesn’t grow in cold climate.

In the following examples do is also a main verb:

What do you do? (=What’s your job?) ‘I work in a shop.’

He is so lazy. He doesn’t do anything to help me. (not ‘he doesn’t anything’)

We use Simple Present when we say how often we do things:

I get up at 8’o clock early morning. (not ‘i’m getting’)

How often do you go to the dentist? (not ‘ how often are you going?’)

Ann doesn’t drink tea very often.

In summer john usually plays tennis once or twice a week.

I promise / I apologise etc.

Sometimes we do things by saying something. For example, when you promise to do something, you can say I promise…’; when you suggest something, you can say ‘I suggest…’.

I promise I won’t be late. (not ‘I promising’)

‘what do you suggest I do?’ ‘I suggest that you…’

In the same way we say: I apologise../ I advise… / I insist… / I agree… /I refuse… etc.

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