Post Gupta Age

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The Post Gupta Age

After the decline of the Gupta Empire in the mid 6th century, many independent kingdoms were born throughout India.

Pushyabhuti Kingdom

● Pushyabhuti was the founder of the pushyabhuti dynasty.
● Prabhakaravardhana was the first independent king of the pushyabhuti dynasty and assumed the title of maharajadhiraja.
● His daughter was rajyasri and son-in-law was grahavarman ( maukhari kingdom).
● Rajyavardhana was the eldest son of Prabhakara vardhana.
● Gauda sasanka and devagupta formed an alliance and invaded maukhari kingdom. On the battlefield, they killed grahavarman and occupied kanauj. Rajyavardhana went to save his brother-in-law was also killed by them
● Harshavardhana was the second son of prabhakar vardhan and considered to be the prominent king of this dynasty.
● He took the titles of rajapura and Shiladitya.
● He shifted the capital from sthansewar to kanauj.
● The Badami chalukya ruler, pulakesi 2 in his anihole inscription mentions that he defeated the Harshavardhana.
● Harshavardhana wrote three plays, namely nagananda, ratnavali, and Priyadarsi.
● His court poet bhanabhatta composed Harsha charita, Parvathi parinaya and Kadambari.
● He organised a religious conference at kanauj named kanauj maha sabha. Hiuen Tsang, a chinese traveller presided over the conference.

Badam / Vatapi Chalukya Kingdom

● Capital – Badami
● The Badami chalukya dynasty was founded by pulakesi -1.
● He assumed the title of satyashraya and ranavikrama.
● Pulakesi-2 was the greatest ruler of the dynasty.
● The victories of pulakesi 2 were recorded in anihole inscription which was issued by his officer ravikirti.
● Vikramaditya-1 was the son of Pulakesi 2.
● A governor of Badami chalukyas, dantidurga killed kritavarma 2, the last king of Badami chalukyas and captured the power. Thus, the chalukya kingdom was replaced by the rashtrakuta kingdom.
● Virupaksha temple (resembles the kailasanatha temple at Kanchi), sangameshwara temple were built by Vikramaditya 2.

Pallavas kingdom

● Capital – Kanchi
● Simhavishnu was the founder of the pallava kingdom.
● He assumed the title of avanisimha.
● Mahendra Varma -1 was defeated and killed by pulakesi 2 in the battle of pillar in A.D 630.
● Hiuen Tsang visited Kanchi during the reign of Narasimhavarman -1
● Narasimhavarma -1 killed pulakesi 2 in the battle of manimamangala in A.D 642.
● He took the title of vatapi day and mahamalla and built a new capital city named Mahabalipuram or mamallapuram.
● Mahendra Varma – 2 ruled only for two years and was killed by Badami chalukya king, Vikramaditya 1.
● Temples built by Narasimhavarma 2 : shore temple at Mahabalipuram, kailasanatha temple at Kanchi.
● Narasimhavarma-2 established the Vedic school called ghatikas.
● Dandi, bhairavi were the court poets of Narasimha Varma -2.
● The construction of temples in Dravidian style was started in his period.
● Aparajitarama was the last king of the Pallava dynasty.
● The most prominent sculptures at Mahabalipuram, known as Arjuna’s penance or descent of ganga, belong to this period.
● Mahabalipuram was recognised as a world heritage centre by UNESCO.

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