Physics MCQs | Set 2

Physics MCQs | Set 2

When the barometer reading dips suddenly, it is an indication of Storm

Good conductor of electricity is Graphite  

Which of the following is a nonrenewable source of energy ? Coal  

Solar energy is converted into chemical energy during Photosynthesis 

The term ‘equinox’ means When the day and night are of equal duration 

Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by Radiation 

In which of the following cases, kinetic energy is being used in performing work ? Driving a car to cover a distance 

Which of the following parts of the sunlight makes the solar cooker hot ? Infra red 

If the velocity-time graph of a particle is represented by y = mt + c, then the particle is moving with  constant acceleration 

A passenger standing in a bus is thrown outward when the bus takes a sudden turn. This happens due to Inertia of motion 

When pressure is increased the melting point of ice decreases 

Longitudinal waves cannot travel through Vacuum 

Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of air 

Tungsten is used for the manufacture of the filament of an electric bulb, because It has a very high melting point  

What is the wavelength of visible spectrum ?  3900 A° – 7600 A°  

Who measured the velocity of light first ? Romer  

When a vehicle passes, TV reception gets distorted. This is because spark plug creates electromagnetic disturbances 

The energy emitted by the Sun is due to Nuclear fusion 

The sky appears blue because of Scattering of light  

Dynamo is a device for converting Mechanical energy into electrical energy  

Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because of the capillary action phenomenon  

In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by Oxygen 

Which of the following metals is used for the manufacture of heating elements provided in electric iron ? Nichrome 

An electron microscope gives higher magnification than an optical microscope, because : the wavelength of electrons is smaller as compared to the wavelength of visible light  

The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles is a direct application of : Pascal’s law  

Where are mesons found ? Cosmic rays 

Plants are dried up in winter due to frost because There is mechanical loss of tissues and drought condition prevails  

For a body moving with non-uniform velocity and uniform acceleration Displacement – Time graph is non-linear 

The fourth state of matter is known as Plasma 

Lamberts law is related to Illumination  

Decibel is the unit used for Intensity of sound 

The term ‘Isoneph’ indicates the lines of equal cloudiness 

The atmospheric layer reflecting radio waves is called Ionosphere 

‘Cryogenics’ is a science dealing with low temperatures 

The mass-energy relation is the outcome of special theory of relativity 

Which of the following are used for accurately measuring very small time intervals ? Atomic clocks 

Why does bleeding occur through the nose in high mountainous regions ? The blood pressure of a person increases at high altitudes 

Danger signals are generally red as red light undergoes least deviation 

A simple microscope consists of : a short focus convex lens 

An oil drop spreads over water because surface tension of oil is much smaller than that of water

The device which converts AC to DC is Rectifier 

Knot is a measure of The speed of ship 

When the main switch of the house is put off it disconnects the live wire and the neutral wire 

Heat from the sun reaches earth by the process of Radiation 

Boyle’s law is a relationship between Pressure and volume 

Which of the following produces more severe burns ? Steam 

The sudden fall of atmospheric pressure indicates storm 

Which of the following pairs of physical quantities have the same dimensions? Work and Energy 

Magnetism in materials is due to  circular motion of electrons 

‘Short-sight’ in human eye can be corrected by using proper concave lens 

What is the reason for twinkling of stars ? Atmospheric refraction  

The instrument for measuring intensity of earthquakes is called  Seismograph  

Which one of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound ? Bat  

The source of the sun’s energy is the process of nuclear fusion 

Which of the following is used to split white light into different colours ? Prism  

Nuclear reactors used to produce electricity are based on nuclear fission

Submerged objects can be located using sonar 

Which one of the following instruments is used to study dispersion of light ? Spectrometer 

A fountain pen works on the principle of capillary action 

Pycnometer is an instrument used to measure the density 

Fibre optics work on the principle of total internal reflection 

A decibel is a measure of sound level  

Remote-sensing device has an inbuilt source of infrared ray  

The atmosphere is heated mainly by Radiation 

A device used for converting a.c. into d.c. is called rectifier 

Energy of Ultraviolet rays is great than Infra–red rays 

The instrument used to measure the speed of the wind is Anemometer 

Who defined the law of gravitation ? Newton 

The metal used to make lightning conductors is Copper 

A hydrogen balloon floats up because of weight of the balloon is less than the weight of air displaced by it. 

In a rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell? Chemical energy 

Which one of the following lenses should be used to correct the defect of astigmatism ? Cylindrical lens 

Superconductors are those elements Whose resistance falls almost to zero at very low temperatures 

Which of the following has got more heat capacity ? Water 

If the temperature of a place increases suddenly, the relative humidity Decreases 

Fleming’s right hand rule is used to find the direction of the Induced current 

What is the full form of ‘AM’ regarding radio broadcasting? Amplitude Modulation  

Which colour is the complementary colour of yellow ? Blue  

During washing of clothes, we use indigo due to its proper pigmental composition 

The energy stored in a watch spring is potential energy  

The sensation of weightlessness in a spacecraft in an orbit is due to the acceleration in the orbit which is equal to the acceleration due to gravity outside 

‘Therm’ is the unit of  heat 

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