Physics MCQs | Set 1

Physics MCQs | Set 1

Diode is used for? purification

Who developed the technology of underground nuclear explosion ? Dr. Homi J. Bhabha  

Which type of coal produces most heat per unit ? Anthracite  

Which waves is used for communication by artificial satellites ? Micro waves  

What is found in frequency modulation ? Fixed frequency  

When the speed of car is doubled, then what will be the braking force of the car to stop it in the same distance ? four times  

The dimension of which of the following is the same as that of impulse ?  Momentum  

……………………. is the fundamental quantity ? Time  

When a ring of metal is heated what happens to its hole ?  expands  

If the diameter of a capillary is doubled, then the rise of water in it will be  half  

Why the needle of iron swims on water surface when it is kept gently ?  due to surface tension  

The mass of a star is two times the mass of the Sun. How it will come to an end ? Neutron Star  

Rain drops fall from great height. Which among the following statements is true regarding it?  they fall with that ultimate velocity, which are different for different droplets

On which of the following techniques photostate machine works ?  Electrostatic Image—Making

One Kilowatt hour is equal to— 3.6 Mega Joule  

What is the minimum escape velocity of rocket to be launched into space ?  11 Km/Sec. 

Which of the following statements is true when we see ‘rainbow’ ?  

The Sun remains behind us and we face raindrops  

How much calorie of energy is released by a boiled egg ?  77 

The splitting of different colours of light in a prism is :  Disperson of light  

A boat will submerge when it displaces water equal to its own:  weight  

Surface tension in a liquid is due to :  

Cohesive force between molecules  

A circular plate, a cube and a sphere, all made up of same material and having the same mass, are heated to 300°C and left in a room. Which of them will have the slowest rate of cooling?  Sphere  

Optic fibres are used in :  Endoscopy

Two waves, each of amplitude 1.5 mm and frequency 10 Hz, are travelling in opposite direction with a speed of 20 mm/s. The distance in mm between adjacent nodes is :  1.0  

The snow on the mountains does NOT melt all at once when it is heated by the sun because:  it reflects most of the heat from the sun  

A person standing on a railway platform listens to the whistles of arriving and departing trains. The whistle heard is of higher pitch when train arrives  Holography is a technique of  recording a permanent three dimensional photograph of a given single colour or a multicolour  

The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has  less density than dry air 

An ice block with a piece of lead embeded in it floats in water. If ice melts the water level Falls  

The velocity of heat radiation in vacuum is  

Equal to that of light  

The plastic material commonly used for making gear wheels is  Nylons  

Ultra violet radiations of the Sun do not reach the earth because, earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by  Ozone  

“Curie” is unit of :  Radioactivity  

Which of the following is used in oven ?  Microwaves  

When heated from 00 to 100C volume of a given mass of water will : Decrease and then will increase  

Energy is continuously created in the sun due to:  nuclear fusion   

In electronics what comes under tank circuit ? Capacity and inductance  

Coolis tube is used to produce X-rays   

Which of the following is used for regulated electric supply ?  Zener diode  

The source of the Sun’s energy is the process of  Nuclear fusion 

Gamma rays can cause gene mutation  

The substance which conducts current in the solid state is  graphite  

Which set of conditions represents the easiest way to liquid a gas ?  

Low temperature and high pressure  

What is colour of light related to ?  Amplitude  

What principle/law explains the working of the hydraulic brakes in automobiles?  Pascal’s law  

The best conductor of heat among the following is mercury  

What is viewed through an electron microscope?  Structure of bacteria and viruses  

What apparatus is used to locate a submerged object?  Sonar  

The instrument which uses sound waves to measure the depth of oceans is Sonar 

Which combination of colour is the most convenient during day and night time ?   Red and green  

The instrument that measures and records the relative humidity of air is 


The shape of our milky way galaxy is spiral 

The different colours of different stars are due to the variation of temperature 

The fundamental scientific principle in the operation of battery is dissociation of electrolytes 

Instrument used to measure the force and velocity of the wind is Anemometer 

Woolen clothes keep the body warm because Wool is a bad conductor  

If the length of a simple pendulum is halved then its period of oscillation is decreased by a factor 2  

Mist is caused by water vapour at low temperature 

While catching a ball, a player pulls down his hands to lower the– momentum 

When a barometer reading suddenly recedes, it indicates that climate– will be extremely stormy 

A particle dropped from the top of a tower uniformly falls on ground at a distance which is equal to the height of tower. Which of the following paths will be traversed by the particle ? Parabolic 

Electron microscope was invented by  Knoll and Ruska 

When a bottle of scent is kept open in a corner of a room its odour is felt in all parts of the room. This is due to the phenomenon of : diffusion 

Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights because of radiation 

Speed of sound is the greatest in :  Glass 

A gas thermometer is more sensitive than a liquid thermometer because a gas:  does not change state easily  

Which one of the following is used for sun glasses ? Crooks glass 

The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium : Remains unaltered 

Clothes keep us warm in winter because they : prevent the heat of the body from escaping  

Why are we able to hear short wave broadcasts better than long wave broadcasts ? Short waves are more energetic than long waves 

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