Newspapers and their Founders

Newspapers and their Founders

Name of the Paper/journalName of the Founder/Editor
Bengal Gazette 1780Lames Augustus hicky (first newspaper in India)
Madras courierFirst paper from Madras
Bombay heraldFirst newspaper from Bombay
DigdarshanFirst bengali monthly
Calcutta journalJ S Buckingham
Bengal Gazette 1818Harishchandra ray (first bengali newspaper)
Marat-ul-akbarRaja Rammohan Roy (first journal in Persian)
Sambad kaumudiRaja Rammohan Roy
Jam-i-jahan NumahFirst paper in Urdu
Banga-DuttaRaja Rammohan Roy (a weekly in four languages)
Bombay samacharFirst paper in gujarati
East IndiaHenry vivian derozio
Bombay TimesFounded by Robert Knight (the times of India after 1861)
East GoftarDadabhai Naoroji
Hindu patriotGirishchandra Ghosh
SomaprakashaDwarakanath vidyabhushan (first bengali political paper)
Indian MirrorDevendranath Tagore (first Indian daily paper in english)
BangadarshanaBankim Chandra Chatterji
Indian statesmanRobert Knight
The HinduG S Aiyar, virarghavachari, and subba rao pandit
TribuneDayal Singh majeetia
Kesari and maharattaTilak, chiplunkar, agarkar
SwadeshamitramG S Aiyar
ParidasakBipin Chandra Pal (publisher)
Bande mataram-parisMadam Bhikaji cama
Free HindustanTaraknath Das
Bombay ChroniclePherozeshah mehta
The hindustan timesK M Panikkar
Bahishkrit Bharat, mooknayakDr B R Ambedkar
National HeraldJawaharlal Nehru
AI-hilalMaulana Abul Kalam Azad
Young India, Harijan, Navajeevan, Indian Opinion (south africa)Mahatma Gandhi
Nation, Sudharak, HitavadaGopala Krishna Gokhale
BengaliSurendra Nath Banarjee
Som PrakashIshwar Chandra Vidyasagar
KarmyogiAurobindo Ghosh
Free HindustanTaraknath Das
New India, CommonwealAnnie Besant
Din MitraMukundrao Patil
Ghulamgiri Jotirao Phule
DarpanBal Sastri Jarnbekar
Prabhudha Bharat, UdbodhavaSwami Vivekananda
Bharath mataAjith Singh
Vande MataramFounded by Bipin Chandra Pal and later edited by Sri Aurobindo.
PriyadarshikBipin Chandra Pal
PunjabiLala Lajpat Rai
The leaderMadan Mohan Malviya
IndependentMotilal Nehru
Essays in Indian EconomicsM G Ranade
newspapers and their founders

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