The Mauryan Dynasty

The Mauryan Dynasty

Sources of mauryan dynasty

Foreign accounts: Indica written by megasthenes, Natural history written by Pliny and Si-yu-ki written by hiuen Tsang.

indigenous accounts. Arthashastra written by Kautilya, Mudrarakshasa written by vishakhadatta, Harsha charita written by banabhatta.

Rulers of Mauryan Dynasty

Chandragupta maurya

● The important event in the reign of Chandragupta Maurya was his war( in 305 B.c) with Seleucus nicator, the Greek emperor of Surya. In the battle Chandragupta maurya defeated Seleucus nicator.
● According to the treaty concluded between them, Seleucus gave Kabul, Kandahar, Baluchistan and married his daughter helena with Chandragupta maurya. Chandragupta maurya gave 500 war elephants to Seleucus nicator.
● Seleucus nicator sent megasthenes as his ambassador to the court of Chandragupta maurya.
● As per parisista parvan, a Jain text written by hemachandra, Chandragupta maurya abdicated his throne in favour of his son bindusara and went to shravanabelagola in Karnataka. He adopted Jainism under the influence of bhadrabahu (digambara), where he starved himself to death by performing sallekhana.
● In Greek books, Chandragupta maurya was mentioned as sandrochates.
● In Gujarat, pusya gupta, ministry of Chandragupta maurya, started sudarshana lake.
● First Sanskrit inscription in the world – junagriha.


● Bindusara patronised the Ajivika religion.
● He was referred to as amitrochates by the Greek writers after his title amitraghata and Jain texts called him simhasena.
● In the court of bindusara the famous astrologist pingali vastava existed.
● Bindusara’s elder son was susharma.
● In a revolt at taxila. He sent his son Ashoka who is the governor of Ujjain to suppress the revolt and Ashoka did it successfully.
● There were two Greek ambassadors in his court. 1) Deimachus from syria, 2) Dionysius from Egypt.


● Ashoka captured the throne after killing all his brothers.
● Ashoka was mentioned as chandashoka in Buddhist texts.
● The battle of Kalinga ( king anantham vs king Ashoka in 261 B.C) was the important incident in the reign of Ashoka. The thirteenth rock edit of Ashoka has its details.
● After two years of war, under the influence of Buddhist monk named Upagupta, Ashoka followed Buddhism.
● The son and daughter of Ashoka, namely Mahendra and sanghamitra introduced and propagated Buddhism in srilanka.
● The inscriptions of Ashoka can be termed as edits because they were royal orders and instructions to the people which were engraved on the rocks.
● Ashoka used both Greek and Aramaic only in the bilingual inscription laid at Kandahar in Afghanistan.
● Brahmi script was used in all edicts of Ashoka that were found in India.
● The 14 major rock edicts are important among all the rock edicts of Ashoka.
● There are 7 pillar important pillar edicts are. 1) Rammindai pillar edict mentions the tax concession given to the people of Lumbini. 2) the lion capital of sarnath pillar is adopted as the national emblem by the government of India.
● According to divyavadana, a Tibetan Buddhist chronicle, Ashoka has built 84,000 stupas.
● The only cave edict of Ashoka was Barabar hill caves near Gaya. According to this edict, he donated 4 caves to the monks of the Ajivika sect.
● The mauryan dynasty came to an end when the last ruler brihadrathabwas assassinated by his senapati pushyamitra Sunga.

Administrative system

● Civil court is known as Dharmastya.
● Criminal court is known as kantasodaka.
● Taxes names are Bhaga, Shukla, Kara.
● In Kautilya’s Arthashastra, 34 departments and their heads know as adhyakshas were mentioned.

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