important incidents and years

important incidents and years

the first census in india 1872

the first complete census 1881

indian immigration act 1983

bloody sunday revolution 1905

the beginning of first world war 1914

russia revolution or bolshevik revolution 1917

right to vote of british women 1918

the end of world war 1 1918

versailles treaty 1919

formation of comintern 1919

league of nations 1920

year of population expolosion 1921

formation of communist party in china 1921

USSR emergence 1924

simion commission 1927

the five year plans in russia 1928

the economic depression 1929

silent spring published in the year 1962

hitler era in germany 1933

long march 1934-35

indian government act 1935

beginning of second world war 1939

hitler’s attack on poland 1939

the mass murder of jews 1941

germany invasion of russia 1942

cripps mission 1942

quit india movement 1942

bose formed the national army in 1942

end of second world war 1945

establishment of the united nations 1945

the direct action day for pakistan 1946

declaration of india independence 1947 august 15

gandhiji’s assassination 1948

the first pakistan war for kashmir 1948

set up of a new democracy or a republican government in china 1949

date of approval of the constitution of india 1949, january 26

the year, oil discovered in nizar delta 1950

The Election Commission was established in accordance with the Constitution on 25th January 1950.

General elections to the first Lok Sabha since independence were held in India between 25 October 1951 and 21 February 1952

The Election Commission of India held the first presidential elections of India on May 2, 1952.

the accession of princely states completed in the year 1956

states reorganisation act 1956

formation of andhra pradesh 1 November 1956

the first election in nepal 1959

battle with china 1962

official languages act 1963

declaration of independence of nigeria 1963

second time war with pakistan 1965

tashkent agreement 1966

chipko movement 1970

abolition of privy purses 1971

the right to vote for switzerland women 1971

the pakistani war for the liberation of bangladesh 1971

unification of vietnam 1975

narmada bachao movement 1994

world trade organization 1995

national food security act 2013

IPCC meeting was held in warsaw 2013

formation of telangana 2014, june 2

strategic wepons reduction agreement START 1991

bhopal gas disaster 1984

green peace movement 1971

announcing silent valley as national park 1985

silent valley movement 1973

total arrack prohibition act 1995

special forces act of armed forrces 1958

legal services authority (amendement) act 2002

right to information act 2005

israel attacks egypt 1956

palasthena liberation organisation 1964

emergency declared in 1975

the end of emergency 1977

the janata party government in the centre 1977

indira gandhi’s murder, operation blue star 1984

rajiv gandhi assassination 1991

liberalisation of economic policy 1992

73, 74 constitutional amendments 1992

neil armstrong on the moon 1969

punchasheel agreement signed in 1954

kargil war 1999

civil rights movement in america 1960

muslim leauge formation 1906

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