Gupta Dynasty

Gupta Dynasty


● He was the founder of the Gupta dynasty.
● He took the title maharaja.
● He built a Buddhist vihara at mrugasikhavana.

Chandragupta 1

● He enhanced his power by marrying Kumar Devi, princess of the lichchavi clan of nepal.
● He issued coins with one side king and another side with a queen image. ● Gold coins are called dinars and silver coins known as rupayas.


● He was considered to be the greatest of all rulers of Gupta dynasty.
● Allahabad inscription : it was written by harisena who served as the sandhivigrahaka in the court of samudragupta. It gives the details of the
kingdoms conquered by samudragupta.
● Nalanda copper plate inscription : it is a land charter. It gives the details about a village endowed by samudragupta to a Brahman.
● Gaya copper plate inscription : samudragupta granted a village to a Buddhist vihara located at Gaya. It also mentions that this vihara was built by mahamegha Varma the ruler of srilanka.
● Samudragupta issued many gold coins. The coins show samudragupta playing veena with the title kaviraja, image of the samudragupta performing asvamedha sacrifice and title ashwamedha parakrama , tiger and boat.
● A historian V.A Smith called him as Napoleon of India.
● Vasubandhu was his minister.

Chandragupta 2

● In 388 A.D, he occupied Ujjain by defeating saka king Rudra Simha 3
● Rudra Simha 3 can be considered as the last saka king in India.
● Chandragupta 2 assumed the titles of simhavikrama and Vikramaditya.
● DeviChandraguptam written by vishakhadatta is about the marriage of Chandragupta 2 with dhruvadevi.
● Ujjain became the second capital of guptas.
● Mehrauli iron pillar inscription : it describes the victories of Chandragupta 2.
● Prabhavati Gupta was the daughter of Chandragupta 2.
● He was the first gupta king to mint the silver coins.
● Chinese pilgrim fa hien visited India at this time.
● His court is adorned by nine gems including kalidasa, amarasimha, varahmihir, susrutha, dhanwantari, Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, vararuchi.


● During the reign, Huns invaded India for the first time.
● He founded Nalanda University.
● He adopted the title mahendraditya.
● During the war with the hunas, kumaragupta died.
● Vishnugupta was the last ruler of the Guptas.
● Guptas were the followers of Vaishnavism and varaha.
● Some of the rock cut caves at Ajanta and 9 caves at bagh in Madhya Pradesh were built by the guptas.
● 20 Hindu cave temples of both shaivism and Vaishnavism were built at udayagiri in vidisha of Madhya Pradesh.
● A five feet statue of varaha saving the earth is the most remarkable among all the sculptures of udayagiri.
● Ajanta is located in the Sahyadri mountain range in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. It is the first world heritage site in India recognised by UNESCO.
● The sculptures of mahaparinirvana of Buddha are the most famous among all the sculptures of Ajanta caves.


● Kalidasa, the great Sanskrit dramatist, belonged to this period. His books are: abhigyana shakuntalam, ritusamhara, meghadutam, kumarasambhavam,
malavikagnimitram, Raghuvansha, vikramurvashi, etc.
● Vishakadatta wrote mudrarakshasa and devichandraguptam.
● Vishnusharma wrote panchatantra and hitopadesha.
● Amarasimha : amarakosa
● Vararuchi : prakrita Prakasam
● Dhanwantari : Ayurveda
● Susrutha : susrutha samhita
● Aryabhatta : Surya Siddhanta on astronomy, Aryabhattiyam on mathematics. Decimal system and 0 were extensively used in Aryabhattiyam, Heliocentric rotation, and revolution of earth and causes for the solar and lunar eclipse.
● Varahmihir : brihat samhita, pancha siddhantika.
● Brahmagupta : Brahma sputhic Siddhanta, khandanakadya, he is popularly known as Indian Newton for discussing the gravitational force of the earth.

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