Branches of Biology

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Branches of Biology


  • Biology – branch of science in which living beings are studied.
  • Botany – study of plants. Theophrastus is known as the father of botany.
  • Zoology – study of animals. Aristotle is known as father of biology as well as zoology.
  • Microbiology – study of microorganisms. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is the father of microbiology.

Important Branches of Biology

AnatomyInternal structure of organisms
AgrologyProduction of crops
ApicultureRearing of honey bee
AnthropologyDevelopment and relationship between the culture of past and present
AngiologyBlood vascular system
AndrologyMale reproductive system
CryobiologyEffect of low temperature on organisms
DendrochronologyAnalyzing annual growth of rings of trees to know its age.
EcologyInter-relationship between living and their environment
EmbryologyFertilization and development of zygote
EugenicsImprovement of race
EuthenicsTreatment of defective in heredity through genetic engineering
EthologyAnimal behaviour
EtiologyLife of cycle of pathogen
EthnologyStudy of different races of human
ExobiologyLife in space
FermentationProcess of incomplete oxidation that occurs in microbes and other cells in absence of oxygen, leading to the formation of ethyl alcohol.
GynecologyFemale reproductive organ
GastroenterologyAlimentary canal or stomach
HypertonicThe solutions which have higher concentration 
HypotonicThe solutions which have lower concentration
HydroponicsGrowing plant without spoiling water which contain nutrients
ImmunologyResistance of body to disease
MetazoansAll multinuclear animals
MonoeciousPlant which have male and female flowers
MammographyBreast cancer
NeurologyNervous system
OsmosisMovement of water molecules across semipermeable membranes from the region of its higher concentration to the region of lower concentration.
OdontologyTeeth and gum
OncologyCancer and tumours
ObstetricsPregnant women before, during and after child birth
OrthopaedicLocomotor system
PhytoplanktonsMicroscopic organisms which passively float on the surface of water
ParasiteOrganisms which depend on other living for their food and shelter
PoikilothermicOrganisms which change their body temperature according to surroundings. These are also called cold blooded animals.
Branches of Biology

Biology Important Topics For SSC Railway and State PSCs

Branches of Biology

Cell and its Components

Plant kingdom

Plant Growth Hormones

Human Eye and Defects of Eye

Respiratory System

Teeth and Digestive System

Circulatory System

Skeleton and Muscular Systems

Animal kingdom

Endocrine system

Nervous system


Reproductive and excretory system


Human Blood and Blood Groups

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