Awards and Honours

Awards and honours

Award/prize Field
Bharat RatnaFor outstanding contribution in the field of art/literature/science and public service
Nobel PrizePeace, literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, and economics.
Academy (Oscar) awardFilm
Kalinga AwardScience
The man booker prizeLiterature
Grammy AwardMusic
Ramon Magsaysay AwardGovernment public service, social service, journalism, literature, communication and international understanding.
Dada Saheb Phalke AwardFilm
Borlaug AwardAgriculture
Dhanwantari AwardMedical Science
Jnanpith AwardLiterature
Saraswati sammanLiterature
Vachaspati sammanSanskrit Literature
Shankar AwardIndian Philosophy, Culture and Art
Vyasa sammanLiterature
Kabir SammanSocio-communal harmony
Dronacharya AwardSports Coaching/training
Arjuna AwardSports
Bhatnagar AwardScience

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